What is a Kindle?

Ok, let’s start at the very beginning, which (as was once said by Julie Andrews), is a very good place to start…

What is a Kindle?

A Kindle is an electronic gadget that allows you to read books.

What is a Kindle


Simple enough, but my first question was:

Why do I need a gadget to read a book?

Ok, you are probably saying you don’t really need one, but let’s just think about why you would want one…

Reason 1…Money

Each time I buy a book, I spend between $15 to $17 for a bestseller (if I buy through Amazon).  If I buy through my local bookstore I could easily spend $20-$30.

What happens when I’ve bought that book and read it? Well, it usually goes to the charity store and I buy another one.

I sat down and worked out the amount of money that I was spending on books and it came to rather a large sum (not to mention the amount of trees it took to produce all those books), plus, my office was disappearing under a huge pile of books I meant to take to the charity store…

Ebooks are much cheaper than normal books, often 99 cents and you can get loads for free (and they use up less trees), and they don’t clutter up my office!

Did I need another reason?  Well, no not really, but I still managed to come up with some to help justify my purchase!


Reason 2…Bookmarks

I have two small children who invariably manage to lose my place in a book every time I put it down.  With a Kindle, bookmarks are stored electronically (and also looked after by those friendly chaps over at Amazon), so even if the contents of my Kindle were to be ‘wiped’ by my two small rug rats, when I download my books again, the bookmarks would come with them!  How cool is that!


Reason 3…Weight (and size)

Being female  I carry a purse, and that purse is usually stuffed with a lot of things.  One thing I always wanted to be able to carry around was a book, just for those times when you get a few moments to yourself and would like to indulge.  There was never any room in my purse for a book, and I wouldn’t have wanted to add to the weight of it anyway.

Now I have my Kindle, I can carry around 1000s of books if I wish (and I don’t look odd by dragging a cart around behind me either, which would have been the only way I would have managed it before!)  I can choose to dip into the latest novel I’m reading, or catch up with my favorite magazine that’s been sent to my Kindle automatically, or my newspaper subscription (oh, and did I mention that I don’t have to worry about losing or finding my place?).

Guys, just in case you don’t think this reason applies to you, think again…how handy would it be to be able to pull out your latest business periodical from your briefcase whilst you’re waiting for your train? Or pull out your fav magazine from your sports bag, well, you can do either and both!


Reason 4…Travel

Ok, this reason doesn’t really apply to me at the moment, but I can see how if I travelled a lot a Kindle would be invaluable.

On the few occasions I have found myself packing hand luggage to go on a plane, I always try to pack some sort of reading material, be it a book or a magazine.  I am not good with flying so usually like to take my mind off the situation whilst I’m on the plane.  I find I am usually steered in my choice of reading material by the amount of room I have left in my bag.  Well, you can bet your bottom dollar that as soon as I’m on the plane I’m wishing I’d packed something else!

With a Kindle holding literally thousands of different books, I’m sure even I could find something to spend the flight reading!!!


Reason 5…Work or Study

One of the neat things about the Kindle is the way you can take notes on your device and ‘add’ them to your book.  If you are studying this is a fantastic feature…just think, no more sticky notes to fall out all over the place (and again, Amazon will help you look after them too).

Oh, and if you use documents like PDFs at work, load those onto your Kindle too, so everything is in one place and you don’t have to overfill your briefcase, simple!


Reason 6…The in-built dictionary

Do you ever find yourself in the situation where you are reading a book and you suddenly come across a word that you don’t know the meaning of…I do quite often.  Whereas before I just used to pass over it, or guess at it’s meaning, now I don’t have to…I just make my little cursor appear, move it down over the word in question, and a dictionary definition pops up!! For example,  the other night I was reading in bed and came across the word ‘brougham’ towards the bottom of the screen…it only took me a moment to navigate my cursor down there and a nice dictionary definition popped up (A brougham (pronounced “broom” or “brohm”) was a light, four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage built in the 19th century).

Of course, it almost goes without saying that you also have the ability to search your book for a certain word or phrase (another useful thing if you’re studying, I guess).


Reason 7… Tired eyes

You may think this only applies to those people who are getting on a bit, but the ability to increase the size of the letters is a huge bonus that obviously paper versions of a book can’t offer.  In the evening when my eyes are tired, or if I’m travelling on a plane and they’ve dimmed the lights it’s really useful to be able to up the letter size a bit and increase the spacing between the lines…just makes everything a bit easier on the eyes.  You can also change between portrait and landscape, whichever suits the book you’re reading at the time.


Reason 8…

Do you need another reason, no I mean really?  I can go on if you want me to…….


So, now you’ve decided you really can’t manage to live without a Kindle any longer, which Kindle is the right Kindle for you?


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Reason 9…

Ok, so I just had to add another reason, but it’s a good one I promise…click here to read about what happened when I broke my Kindle