Where to get FREE Kindle books?

Ok, I’ve recently had a load of emails from new Kindle owners who are asking where they can get their hands on free Amazon Kindle books…we’ll you’re probably not going to believe the answer, but it’s from Amazon themselves!!!

Buried deep down in the Amazon site is a list of their top 100 pay-for books and (more importantly) their top 100 free books.  Now, I’m not sure why Amazon bury this information…I’m sure that if people realized how much free stuff they could get, it would make the decision to buy a Kindle much easier!!!


The other really useful place on Amazon to know about is their list of limited-time offers.  Whilst not all of these are free, some of them are, and they are all good value…It works a bit like this:  an author releases a new book and wants to get a lot of people reviewing it to encourage other readers to buy it, so for a short amount of time they might either offer the book for free, or it’ll only cost 99c…that way, lots of people get the book and some of those might well add a review for it.  What I tend to do is check out the limited-time offers every couple of days, and if I see something I might be interested in, I get it and it just sits on my Kindle until I get around to it 🙂


So, those links again (and I suggest you bookmark them or at least me so you can find them again!)

Limited Time Offers

Top 100 Free Books