The eReader and Erotic Fiction

The eReader and Erotic Fiction

Women are being credited with causing an enormous increase in the sales of ebooks.  In the erotic genre alone sales have increased by over 30%.

So, what is causing this phenomenen?

Well, personally I attribute it to a few things:

First of all, ebooks and ereaders allow the person to be anonymous.  Not just in the purchase of the book (after all, you can already purchase books via mail order so you’re absolved of the embarrassment of actually going to a bookshop to buy your book), but also when you’re reading.  I remember when the Harry Potter books were released they were printed with different covers, one that would appeal to children but also some more ‘adult’ covers so that people needn’t feel embarrassed about reading a child’s book in public.

Erotic fiction is maybe not something that the average reader is going to be comfortable about reading in public.  Reading the book on an eReader gives the reader complete anonymity…noone has any idea what you’re reading (providing you can keep your breathing under control!)


Secondly, erotic fiction tends to be a ‘quick read’…it’s quite common to get through a few books in just a week…that’s a lot of money to spend but with ebooks being so much cheaper than conventional paper books it makes sense to get an ereader if you do a lot of reading.  Plus, who wants to carry around all those books?  eReaders make it really easy to take a few books with you at any time.  eReaders like the Amazon Kindle also make it really easy to purchase books and start reading in seconds…no more having to wait to get to the bookshop or library or waiting for the parcel to arrive…instant gratification 🙂


Third of all is the phenomena of books like Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James.


Fifty Shades of Grey for the Amazon KindleEL James was an unheard of author from the United Kingdom.  She developed the book online as part of a fan fiction site.  After lots of praise for the book and struggling to get a ‘normal’ Publishing House to take a chance on her, she finally published it herself as an ebook and it took the internet readers by storm.  Moms picking up their kids from school would ask other Moms if they’d read ‘The Book’ yet…it became an underground success overnight!  Needless to say, publishers are now falling over themselves to sign her up and she’s just been offered millions for the movie rights.

Everyone loves the ‘Rags to Riches’ story and I guess that just adds to the attraction of the book, but for those of you that haven’t read it, is it worth getting?

See my review of Fifty Shades



Romance books are now huge business over at Amazon, with Mills and Boom (a British romance publisher) reporting sales more than doubling last year.  Everyone is jumping on the romance/erotica bandwagon with Sony releasing a pink eReader which they hope will appeal specifically to those people interested in the genre.  Amazon have said:

It (romance) was the fourth best selling genre of book during 2010



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