Bendy eReaders???

Bendy eReaders???

Technology is moving so fast it’s difficult to keep up!!

Check out what LG have been up to!!!  A flexible ereader screen!

Apparently this screen has been developed so it’s bendy to help make it more robust and to be able to withstand bumps and bangs…allegedly you can hit it with a hammer and it will still be ok!!!

LG have said they are going to be releasing the screen to the market later this month, but as LG don’t currently make ereaders it’s going to be interesting to see which company they choose to build the ereader featuring this new Electronic Paper Display (EPD).

Flexible eReader


  • Arshad

    May 4, 2012 at 1:20 pm

    Yes, I love my Nook because due to lack of space in my house I can keep my books, find my books with a touch of a feignr, and take it with me on trips. The font is legible enough I don’t have to read with my glasses on in bed. I have broken my glasses often from falling to sleep with them on while reading. I have enjoyed the free books that B&N offers on my Nook. Alway look forward to free Friday. Would I recommend the Nook, yes. One of the reasons that really push me to buy a Nook was the fact that there is a B&N store here and I was able to ask question about the Nook I got a real hands on experience. When I got my Nook I recieved help right there in the store with setting up my Nook

    • Pranita

      September 3, 2012 at 1:14 am

      As a Kindle owner (close to a year, now) and avid reader, and stucanh realist, I have to agree that eBooks will overtake paper books, and rather sooner than many foot-draggers think.You’re right about the cost of paper books, and the (almost) zero cost of warehousing eBooks. eBooks are just about 100% profit (minus, of course, the pittance given to the author).I also agree about the rarefying of paper books. As the so-called brick and mortar books close, their place will be taken up by Used Book Stores, and the cost of Used Books will go nowhere but up.Lastly, the biggest reason eReaders will take over is because the die-hard I only read paper people will die off. (Yeah, I know, dirty word, but there you have it).Think about how few people you know who either do not have a computer, or do not know how to use one? The die-hards, the I don’t like computers people, or the I don’t understand computers people got old, and died.I have learned by hard experience at least ONE thing: No matter how loud you yell at the river, no matter how you posture, curse and gesture obscenely, the river will not change its direction for you.

      • Angga

        November 14, 2012 at 8:43 pm

        I own the Kindle 2, and it is simple for me to say I like it! I recokn I’ve read over 20 books so far.I like my Kindle since it has helped me improve a lot on my efficiency and utilize my time. Before I owned the Kindle, waiting time like when I’m waiting for friends or waiting for shuttle bus or some thing like that is austerely wasted. Now I just need to result in the Kindle 2 along with me. Another thing I like the most is the text-to-speech gathering, which means I can “read” books without even holding or looking at the Kindle. Now I like to use this gathering when I’ve myself busy on some dull things, say when I’m on the step apparatus or doing some housework…I like conception and at the beginning I missed a bit on the suspicion of conception books. But now I like to hold the Kindle, the e-ink seems to work very well, it is really like conception books… Now I often read with the Kindle for several hours but I don’t feel tired.