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I purchased an ebook by accident!

DON’T PANIC! To return a Kindle book:

Kindle Updates

So, you’ve had your Kindle a little while, but did you know that Amazon are always bringing out software updates for your device so no matter when you bought your Kindle, you can still take advantage of all the latest developments?

Kindle Fire is burning up the competition!

  Everyone thought that Amazon was crazy, launching an iPad competitor when so many other companies had tried and failed.  Well, according to latest profit figures released it would appear that Amazon have triumphed.

Graham Norton loves his Amazon Kindle

I was listening to BBC Uk on my internet radio today and happened to hear Graham Norton talk about his Amazon Kindle…

The eReader and Erotic Fiction

Women are being credited with causing an enormous increase in the sales of ebooks.  In the erotic genre alone sales have increased by over 30%. So, what is causing this phenomenen? Well, personally I attribute it to a few things:

Bendy eReaders???

Technology is moving so fast it’s difficult to keep up!! Check out what LG have been up to!!!  A flexible ereader screen! Apparently this screen has been developed so it’s bendy to help make it more robust and to be able to withstand bumps and bangs…allegedly you can hit it with a hammer and it

Where to get FREE Kindle books?

Ok, I’ve recently had a load of emails from new Kindle owners who are asking where they can get their hands on free Amazon Kindle books…we’ll you’re probably not going to believe the answer, but it’s from Amazon themselves!!!

Wow….Kindle Fire selling like hot cakes!