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When the air hits your brain – Frank T Vertosick

Wow….what a read!  Entering into a world that few of us (thankfully) experience first hand.  Read about how Dr Frank T Vertosick went from medical student to neurosurgeon.  Probably not for the squeamish as he does go into quite a bit of detail (necessary, not overdone for the sake of shock), but truely awe inspiring.

The Casual Vacancy – J.K. Rowling (Kindle Edition)

Just announced on Amazon is J.K. Rowling’s latest book, The Casual Vacancy.  It’s not slated for release until the 27th September 2012 but that’s not stopping it from climbing up the best seller lists.  If you have a Kindle you can pre-order your copy and it will be automatically delivered to your device as soon

Best Kindle books on Amazon

Are you interested in finding something to read, and would like to know what other Kindle readers are buying?  Check out the link below which will take you straight to the Top 100 free and paid-for Kindle books.  I’ve grabbed some absolute bargains (especially if you grab them off the free list as lots of

Fifty Shades of Grey – EL James (A review)

It’s another Cinderella/Twilight clone, in fact, it was written first of all as fan-fiction in honor of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight novels, but this one’s definitely for grown-ups!

Where to get FREE Kindle books?

Ok, I’ve recently had a load of emails from new Kindle owners who are asking where they can get their hands on free Amazon Kindle books…we’ll you’re probably not going to believe the answer, but it’s from Amazon themselves!!!

RIP Steve Jobs

To one of the most influential people of our time, and possibly all time. Even if you don’t like the way Apple do business, there is no denying the genius that was Steve Jobs.

New York Times Best Sellers – eBook Fiction – 02-13-2011

New York Times have been so impressed with the sales of eBooks that they’ve now started a new category in the New York Times Best Sellers List…one just for eBooks, and here is the very first list to be compiled: