Kindle Updates

So, you’ve had your Kindle a little while, but did you know that Amazon are always bringing out software updates for your device so no matter when you bought your Kindle, you can still take advantage of all the latest developments?

Calibre and how to convert ebooks into different formats

Calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books.

eBook Formats

There are many different ebook formats out there and they seem to give some confusion…what format can be read by what reader?  Below I’ve tried to summerize things a bit to help you out 🙂

Troubleshooting Your Kindle

  If you’re having problems with your Kindle click here to get help sorting it out.  There’s help infomation about all the following topics: Registration Screen Issues Broken Kindle WiFi Connection Issues Free 3G Connection Issues Lost or Stolen Kindle Connecting via USB Password Issues Kindle Account Power Issues Music & Audible problems Content Issues

Where to get FREE Kindle books?

Ok, I’ve recently had a load of emails from new Kindle owners who are asking where they can get their hands on free Amazon Kindle books…we’ll you’re probably not going to believe the answer, but it’s from Amazon themselves!!!

Do you need a computer for kindle fire?

Nope, not at all!!!

Does Kindle Fire have Adobe?

YES Kindle Fire has Adobe!!!!