When the air hits your brain – Frank T Vertosick

Wow….what a read!  Entering into a world that few of us (thankfully) experience first hand.  Read about how Dr Frank T Vertosick went from medical student to neurosurgeon.  Probably not for the squeamish as he does go into quite a bit of detail (necessary, not overdone for the sake of shock), but truely awe inspiring.  Neuro-surgeons truely are a breed apart.  The stress that they have to deal with on a daily basis makes the rest of us look like lightweights.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book…not many of us get to step inside an OR and this book gives an insight on what medical professionals have to deal with…its certainly not as sexy as ER on the TV.  I do think that this book serves to make us grateful for the training, skill and dedication of our MDs.



What to do with a broken Kindle (aka the worst weekend ever!)

I have just spend a horrible week.  I am the (not so proud) owner of a broken Kindle.

I don’t know how I did it.  I carry my Kindle with me everywhere. My husband jokes that it’s like a third arm and I would miss it just as much as an arm if I were to lose it.  Well, I was about to prove him right.

I went to bed early as I was deeply engrossed in a book and desperate to know what happened next.  I got my Kindle out of it’s case, but the screen was covered in funny lines.  My blood ran cold.  I immediately went to my computer, logged into Amazon and did a search to see if I could find out what was wrong.  I was hoping beyond hope that it was a software error but deep down I knew it was more serious.

Kindle Updates

So, you’ve had your Kindle a little while, but did you know that Amazon are always bringing out software updates for your device so no matter when you bought your Kindle, you can still take advantage of all the latest developments?