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Amazon KindleHi, my name is Salli and I’m an addict….an Amazon Kindle addict.  This website has been set up to tell my story and spread the word…

I first heard about the Amazon Kindle a couple of years ago.  I came across an article about them and thought that they sounded really cool, but I had a few questions:

  • What exactly was a Kindle?
  • Would I use one?
  • Why would I buy this rather than an actual book?
  • What about other types of eReader?
  • What else could I do with it other than read books? ( I know this might be a strange question, but I wanted to know)
  • There are so many of them, which kindle should I buy?

Well, I went off and did my research and here I am to tell you what I found out!

(If you can’t find what you’re looking for on my site, please would you take the time to answer a quick questionnaire so that I can help fulfil your needs better, thanks so much!)

What is a Kindle?

What is a Kindle

Find out what a Kindle is and why you just have to have one!

Types of Kindle

Types of Kindle

Find out all about the different types of Kindle, and which one would be perfect for you…

Which Kindle?

Kindle Accessories

With so many different types of Kindle, and so many choices to make, why not take my quick quiz to make life easier!

What Criteria Do I Use to Recommend the Products on My Site?

My recommendations are based on a number of factors including consumer reviews from those who have actually used the product, retailers opinions and comments, blog and website reviews and my personal opinion (in fact, mostly my personal opinion!) if I have personally reviewed the product myself.

I also research individual e-reader and e-book manufacturers, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Apple, just to name a few, to determine the materials used to make their products and their attention to detail in the manufacturer of their products.

I look for products that are easy to use and are good value for money. They must also have a warranty and good customer service. Ultimately, I only recommend products that I would buy myself.

Important: I do my best to make sure my reviews are as accurate as possible, but I am only human after all. So when you are ready to buy a product reviewed on my site please click through to the merchant to make sure you are getting the right product with all the features advertised.